PREORDER Bulk Box of 200 Lilly's Eco Clean Dishwasher Tablets

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To guarantee the continuation of this product,

PRE ORDER a small bulk box of 200 Tablets and you will help us get there. 

It will be at trade price and you can use it as Zero Waste version - keep them in your own glass or plastic container neatly. 

It is great for degreasing with added salt and rinse action. It is readily biodegradable and free from Phosphates, PEG’s or polycarboxylates. 

The product looks quite plain. The reason for that is to ensure better safety for children. A colourful look can be attractive to kids and we wanted to avoid that. 

How to Use:

Place a tablet in dispenser without removing the foil. Use 1 tablet per wash. Rinse heavily soiled items. Select appropriate program (suitable for all wash temperatures 50-70 C). In areas of very hard water you may need to add machine salt. Store in cool and dry place. 

HEALTH: Safer chemicals, Free from strong perfumes.

HOME: Easy to use, great degreasing action with added salt and rinse aid.

PLANET: Safe for aquatic life. Reduced waste with soluble wrapping. Readily biodegradable plant and mineral ingredients.




5-15% Oxygen-based bleaching agents, sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, sodium disilicate

<5% Non-Ionic Surfactants, Enzymes (vegetarian friendly origin)